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The Polish Law Collection contains Translations of 50 Polish Acts.

The Polish-English “PolTerm” Dictionary of Legal Terms with Definitions

About Us

Our publishing house was founded as an initiative of a group of members of the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized Translators with the purpose of creating and publishing materials designed to help upgrade the professional skills of court translators. It soon turned out that the book market was completely lacking in translations of legal instruments from the area of Polish economic law.

Thus, in order to meet a demand, in 1991 we were the first in Poland to publish The Polish Commercial Code – a translation of the Code of 1934. Then, we published Polish Business Law 1992, Polish Taxation and Customs Duties, and Polish Taxation 1993 – and later The Polish Labour Code and The Polish Civil Code. Our English-language publications of Polish legal instruments were truly pioneering. Thus, in 1996 we decided to publish The Polish Law Collection.

Translators, Consultants and Editors

Translators: Tomasz Borkowski, Ewa Dmyterko, Marek Gizmajer, Elzbieta Golebiowska, Hanna Husak, Danuta Kierzkowska, Joanna Miler-Cassino, Zofia Rybinska, Anna Setkowicz-Ryszka, Magdalena Sporniak-Czerkas, Dorota Staniszewska-Kowalak, Marta Tajchman, Olgierd A. Wojtasiewicz

Subject Consultants: Andrzej W. Wiśniewski, Professor in International Private and Comercial Law, University of Warsaw,  Andrew Caldwell, of the Middle Temple, Barrister;    Mieczyslaw Puławski, Professor of the Warsaw School of Economics; Elżbieta Gołębiowska, economist, expert in economic and commercial translation.

English Language Consultants: Philip Earl Steele, English Language Expert; Andrew Caldwell, of the Middle Temple, Barrister

Terminology Coordinating Editor: Tomasz Borkowski

General Editor:  Danuta Kierzkowska